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About ECADtools

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Based in Sydney, ECADtools grew out of an electronics design consultancy, where the need for advanced PCB design and simulation tools was well understood.

With the growth in demand for advanced 'real-time' simulation and rapid prototyping solutions for new generations of electrical and electronics products - whether new PV or wind generation systems, new grid power storage solutions, or 'smart' grid management systems - the focus subsequently expanded to encompass power electronics and power systems simulation tools.

To service the growing needs in these related spaces, ECADtools offers solutions from two of the world's leading electronics design automation (EDA) and simulation solutions providers:

  • Cadence Design Systems - EDA solutions for embedded and micro-electronics engineers
  • OPAL-RT Technologies - real-time digital hardware and software in-the-loop (HIL & SIL) simulation solutions for power electronics and power systems engineers

  • Cadence Design Systems

    ECADtools supplies and supports Cadence's OrCAD, PSpice and Allegro software ranges, which encompass:

    - Circuit design and PCB layout solutions

    - Circuit (SPICE) simulation solutions

    - PCB electrical and signal behavioural simulation solutions

    - PCB component and manufacturing data management solutions

    With annual sales of US$1.9Billion pa, Cadence is the world's largest PCB and IC design and simulation software developer; with more invested in R&D annually than most of their competitors (including Zuken and Altium) turning over in a year.

    Created by progressive mergers between industry leading developers such as OrCAD and ECAD, Cadence is best known locally for their PSpice simulation suites, whose popularity is evident in the fact that more component vendors (including TI, TE, Renesas and STMicro) offer free PSpice component behavioural models than any other SPICE format.

    ECADtools also manages the OrCAD for Education Program in Australia and New Zealand, delivering ultra-low cost, ultra-highly featured software packages to universities and colleges delivering micro-electronics courses and undertaking micro-electronic systems research.

    OPAL-RT Technologies

    ECADtools supplies and supports OPAL-RT's full range of PC & FPGA based real-time simulation solutions, which encompass:

    - Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) solutions

    - Power Hardware-In-the-Loop (PHIL) solutions

    - Software-In-the-Loop (SIL) solutions

    - Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) solutions

    - Solutions for Battery Management System (BMS), Hybrid/Electric Vehicle (HEV/EV), Power System. Microgrid, Power Generation, Power Protection and other systems

    OPAL-RT was born of extensive research by Qubec-Hydro of Canada, and is now the fastest growing Candaian real-time digital simulation solutions provider. In Australia and New Zealand, they are recognised as leaders in real-time Hardware-In-the-Loop solutions for power electronics and power systems; with their expertise in delivering solutions for research into renewable power generation systems, next-gen power storage systems, more efficient and powerful electric drives, and smart grid solutions making them the perfect partner for both universities and commercial enterprises.

    They also provide world-class teaching solutions for universities, comprised of hardware, software and courseware suitable for under-grad labs and post-grad research projects.

    Support Services

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